G&G Firehawk

G&G Fierhawk review


The Firehawk is an amazing gun right out of the box, it comes with a magazine and un jamming rod like most AEG's.




It recommended to run the Firehawk with a 7.4v lipo but it can take 11.1v lipo if you wish to up the fire rate, not that you really need it as this gun run fantastically out of the box, being shorter than you standard M4 this makes the Firehawk a perfect CQB gun allowing for quick cornering and also keeping up whilst maneuvering.


But don't be fooled by the small size of this gun I have ran this my primary gun for the past 9 months and I have used it a large woodland sites and it has out ranged some of my friends full m4's, along with its great performance is the sound amplifier! and what a sound amplifier it is, it pack a loud and chirps punch every shout once you have heard a Firehawk you will never forget it especially if you play CQB. I have made people leap out of there skin at the sound of me shooting.

I have been using this like I said for a while now and I can honestly say for the price of around £130 you really can't go wrong for a entry level price gun. I have recently taken the sound amp off the Firehawk to give my team mates ear's a rest and switched to a mock suppressor and although the gun no longer has it's snap it still performs as good as when it had the sound amp.



If you're new and looking at your first RIF I would highly recommend this gun, but don't take my word for it most of the UK's top airsoft retailers and struggling with demand and that really is testament to how good the gun is.


Some gameplay of me running the Firehawk. Enjoy!



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