Deus Ex Human Revolution


Deus Ex Human Revolution

Oooook so, as you may have guessed this is not the previously mentioned Assassins creed review, why you may ask well, what is also my greatest love is also my biggest enemy, I got way to caught up in games and also being at work over the summer so I bring you ...... Deus Ex human revolution ( ta daaaaa) instead.

This being the latest game that I have had the time to play all the way through, this game was not actually my choice of purchase, I only actually bought as the special edition was on sale when me and a friend where in the local game shop.

The game right from the outset has a very "cyber punk" feel to it, this is the style that the game developers used to describe the game, I prefer the style "looks like blade runner", and that is the theme that runs through the game, the first level see Jensen ( the lead character) leaves you with the urge to grab the nearest enemy and use those bad ass augmented arms, and break every bone in there body.

But never the less I manage to make my way in to the local enemy headquarters using all the stealth skills at my disposal at the current time, mainly cowering behind boxes and sticking to walls like they are my new best friends, once inside I find myself confronted with a dilemma, do i A, go in all guns blazing and give them a peace of my mind or B, sneak past them and hope they learn there lesson when I completed the mission.

So yeah, I went in guns blazing and this resulted in my death far more times than I like to admit, so after dying A LOT, i chose to use some of  the stealth tactics used before, this lead to a new kind of death mainly with me hugging wall in terror only to be spotted and killed instantly, but after a few hours of persistent playing I found the best way to get through this game was to combine the two with a third tactic, RUN AND HIDE ! 


Augmentations, this is what the core mechanics of this game revolve around, upgrading them as soon as you can makes you the lethal killing machine, after quickly finding that you will need some of the augmentations to actually complete parts of the game, I found that one augmentation was easily the best for dispatching bosses at any stage through out the game, which at first game me great satisfaction, but when it cam to the final boss fight it was a little disheartening that it was all over in a few seconds.

Then there is the mini game, this consist of hacking computer terminals that are dotted around the game, i say dotted, more like more like every corner you turn there is a computer that can be hacked, never the less the mini game in its self is really enjoyable, it provides moments of high tension, as your trying to hack your way in to a computer to turn off turrets and cameras there is the ever real threat that you may be detected, and this leads to you once again spending more time with a wall than is healthy.

so all in all deus ex is a wall loving, augmentation, one weapon boss killing, hacking machine, with graphics that will make your eyes run out of your skull 

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